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A gift from head to toe

A gift from head to toe

Gifts that will pamper every part of the body. Wrap all the gifts together and on the wrapping, stick a printed picture of the person receiving the gift with small arrows from each body part with a short and funny description of the gift you have matched to that body part.


Foot: foot cream, ankle bracelet, toe ring, socks, foot massage

Legs: leg cream, pants, dance workshop

Pelvis: belt, underwear

Chest: bra

Back: back massage, back pack, well-stocked bag

Shoulder: shoulder bag

Armpit: deodorant

Neck: perfume, scarf, necklace, tie

Face: facial cream

Mouth: lipstick, lip balm, chocolate

Eyes: eye shadow, sunglasses

Ears: earrings, personal CD

Finger: ring

Hands: hand cream, gloves, bracelet

Nails: file, nail polish

Hair: hair band, hair moisturizer, hair mask

Head: hat