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Around the world in one day

Around the world in one day

A gift that will have the receiver experience all the countries in the world in one day without leaving the country. Choose several countries and think of something that characterizes each country.


France: breakfast with baguette, French crepe, French perfume (Jean Paul Gaultier).

England: shirt of a soccer team, such as Chelsea, Liverpool.

Argentina: a meat restaurant (asado).

Thailand: massage

Switzerland: chocolates

Italy: Italian restaurant, Italian cooking workshop

Kenya: safari

The Netherlands: wooden shoes

Antarctica: warm clothes, ice skating

Las Vegas: anything related to gambling, such as a scratch card, a poker set, etc.

Ireland: drinking a beer in an Irish pub, a beer bottle with a personal inscription.

USA: a meal consisting of hamburgers in a bun, French fries and ketchup.


Make a greeting card designed like a boarding card and wrap each gift in wrapping paper with the flag of the country.