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A balloon-popping greeting

A balloon-popping greeting

A simple, original and interesting way of receiving a personal message for any occasion.

After choosing what you want to wish someone, divide the personal message into phrases and on each note write a phrase from the personal message. Insert each note into a balloon before you inflate it. You can insert the notes into helium balloons or regular balloons.

You can also insert a gift voucher or tickets to a show/movie, etc.

You can create a bouquet of balloons or a clown made of balloons. Each balloon that the receiver will pop will drop a note with a phrase or sentence from the personal message! You can upgrade the greeting by adding a note in the last balloon stating where the receiver should look for his/her gift (for instance, write on the note ‘your gift is in the kitchen’).

My story: “When my husband came home on his birthday, 10 balloons were waiting for him. Each balloon that he popped dropped another sentence of the greeting and in the last balloon there was a note with a voucher for a hotel!” Erin