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Beer bottles with a personal inscription

Beer bottles with a personal inscription

All guys love beer, but giving beer bottles as a present seems a bit too effortless.  To make the present more impressive, you can prepare beer labels with a personal inscription or a greeting and paste these on the bottles.

How to do it:

  • Download the file with the free beer labels. You can choose from 3 labels: Heineken, Carlsberg and Tuborg.
  • Change the phrases in the file with ones that you want to appear on the labels.
  • Print. We recommend using a color printer.
  • Cut and paste on the beer bottles.
  • Place the bottles in a box, wrap it nicely and give it to the happy receiver.


What can you write on the beer bottles?

  • Write a short personal message on every bottle.
  • On each bottle write 'Cheers' in a different language: Hebrew = Lechayim / German = Prost / Spanish = Salud / French = Santé! For more languages
  • On each bottle write the name of a friend and what he wishes the receiver of the gift.
  • On each bottle write to what you are raising your beer glass: here’s to the family, here’s to your new job, here’s to your studies, here’s to your love life, here’s to your new pet, etc.
  • On each bottle write a task that the drinker must fulfill to be worthy of this beer.


Ideas for phrases on the labels:

  • To your everlasting happiness
  • Always see the good in every bad situation
  • Never stop loving
  • Always have a smile on your face
  • May all your wishes come true
  • May you stay young in heart and spirit
  • May all your dreams come true
  • May you always be surrounded by love
  • May you find the way to overcome all obstacles
  • May you never go grow old, just mature