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Best wishes with chocolate balls

Best wishes with chocolate balls

Tasty chocolate balls: stick a toothpick in each ball and attach part of the greeting to each toothpick. You don’t need any experience in baking or cooking to make chocolate balls. Anyone can make them!

For the greeting- cut it into short pieces, glue them to the toothpicks with glue or scotch tape and stick the toothpicks in each chocolate ball. You can also buy a nice serving plate, place the chocolate balls on the plate and give it as part of the gift. 

Recipe for chocolate balls:


200 grams of dark chocolate

2 spoons of high-quality cacao

250 ml of whipping cream

30 grams of butter

½ a cup of sugar

1 small bag of vanilla sugar

400 grams of crushed biscuits (about 5 cups of crumbs) 

Options for coating the balls:

Chocolate grated on a coarse grater – 1 bar of chocolate

1 bag of grinded coconut

Colored candy (we recommend various colors)

Crushed nuts 


Heat the whipping cream and butter in a pot on a small flame, add the sugar, cacao, vanilla sugar and chocolate and stir.

Turn off the fire as soon as the chocolate has melted (the small chunks will melt in the heated pot even after you turn off the fire – the chocolate does not need to boil!)

Put the biscuit crumbs in a separate bowl (crush them by hand, be careful not to crush them too much) and pour the chocolate mix from the pot over the crumbs. Mix and put in the fridge for about half an hour or until you can make balls from the paste.

Make balls, coat them with the coating of your choice (coconut, colored candy, crushed nuts…) and keep in the fridge.