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Everything a man needs

Everything a man needs

We all know that men don’t need much to be happy. Everything begins and ends with sex, sports and alcohol. Prepare a set of gifts that combines these three elements and you will have the perfect gift for a man! 


Sex: sex toys, sex coupon, sexy clothes, handcuffs, fulfilling a sexual fantasy.

Alcohol: liquors, beers, beer set, candy beer,cocktail set, and if you have a large budget you can buy a voucher to an alcohol workshop or a barman course.

Sports: tickets to a game of his favorite team, sports clothes, subscription to the gym, a scarf of his favorite sports team, a ball, bowling, mini golf, tennis racket, extreme sports ,activity, PlayStation, atv trip, car racing, sky diving.

My story: “For my birthday, friends of mine gave me a big box that said: ‘everything a man needs’. In the box were three packages with the words sports, alcohol, sex were written on them. The sports package contained a shirt of my favorite football club. The alcohol package contained a cocktail set. The sex package contained a scratch card with assignments related to sex.”