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IPhone cake

IPhone cake

Do you know someone who is addicted to his/her IPhone? Make an IPhone cake. A surprise that’s easy to make, doesn’t cost a lot and will make them smile for hours!

All you need to do is take a screenshot of the IPhone or take a picture of any other image that you want on the cake. Put the picture on a USB stick and take it to a store that deals in surprises and birthday accessories. They can print an icing for the cake (you can also send it to them by e-mail). What you will receive is actually the top layer of the cake, made from sugar and food coloring. It is important to note that the product complies with FDA and international standards for food safety.

Now all you have to do is bake a chocolate cake or any other cake, remove the picture from its transparent wrapping and place it on the cream of the cake. 

My story: “My boyfriend is addicted to his IPhone! Every time I look to see what he’s doing, his head is bent down and his hand is sliding in all directions over the IPhone J On his 30th birthday, I organized a surprise party for him and the highlight was the cake in the shape of an IPhone. By the way, if you want the gift to be even cooler, you can capture the screen of the IPhone with a text message in the background with a personal message. I simply took my boyfriend’s IPhone and sent him a text message saying Happy Birthday from my phone. Then I opened the text message on his IPhone and took a screenshot which I sent to the store where they created the printed icing.” Amanda