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For my businessman

For my businessman

If your significant other is a businessman, starting a new and representative job or even dreams of being someone like that or perhaps has just finished his degree and is looking for a job, this gift will be perfect and make him feel like a million bucks.

 We recommend you take a big box and write a few sentences on it, such as:

  1. For my businessman
  2. Good luck…
  3. There are no second chances for a first impression 

Place any item you think might help your significant other in his business in the box, for example:

  •  Fountain pen
  •  Business suit
  •  Watch (it is known that one of the most eye-catching impressions of a man is his watch).
  • Briefcase
  •  Laptop/notepad case
  •  New wallet
  •  CD with songs for winners to listen to on his way to business meetings
  •  Book about the business world or the field in which your significant other works
  •  Photo of you with the kids/dog to put on his desk
  •  Calendar with pictures of the family or pictures of places that he loves

My story: “I recently started a new job that requires me to look representative and includes many meetings. My lovely wife realized I needed many accessories that will make me feel like a million dollars. So now for each meeting, I am well dressed from head to toe and I know that thanks to my lovely wife my first impression has been miraculously upgraded. My gift was wrapped in a big box which said ‘For my businessman’ and in it were various items that I use for my work.”