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Free printable coupons

Free printable coupons

An idea that will be especially helpful if you don’t have much time or have waited for the last moment, which obviously is not your fault :)

Create coupons that offer the lucky person various gifts and benefits that he/she can use when it’s convenient for him/her.


At the beginning of the coupon booklet, you can add a funny opening, such as terms & conditions for using the coupons: 

  • Do not copy or transfer these coupons
  • No return or exchange policy applies – once the coupons have been used there is no going back.
  • Each coupon can be used only once.
  • Final validity date of the coupon.
  • Multiple discount – you can combine several coupons.

My story 1: “My fiancé, Kelly, made me a coupon booklet that included:

  • A free pass coupon. Using the coupon allowed the user to avoid a fight/argument/disagreement or a screw-up. The use of the coupon forces the partner to forgive and forget the fight immediately.
  • A getaway coupon. Using the coupon allowed the user to get away from doing an annoying chore, such as the dishes, cleaning the house and anything else that comes to mind.
  • A massage coupon.
  • A coupon for choosing a rental video.
  • A coupon for a dinner for two at a restaurant.
  • A coupon for buying a watch.”

My story 2: “The day before my mother’s birthday, I remembered the date and got so stressed about not having time to prepare anything for her. It was important for me to give her something special, more than just an ordinary gift, so I sat down at my computer and began making coupons:

  • A breakfast coupon: we had a nice breakfast together.
  • A coupon exempting her from making a family dinner.
  • A jewelry coupon
  • Coupons that combine private jokes.

With the coupons I managed to create a touching gift at the last moment and my mother also had the option of choosing a gift that she likes.”


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