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Gift for every character trait

Gift for every character trait

The idea behind ‘a gift for every character trait’ is simple, but requires some thought and some preparation in advance: The steps for preparing the gift are as following:

First, think of several traits that characterize the receiver of the gift. For every trait, you must think of  a suitable gift. For instance, intelligent – a mind game; childish – a childhood game;  dandy – clothing item, bag, make-up and anything related to physical appearance; likes to travel – a camping coffee set; likes animals – tickets to the zoo; a golden touch – massage; funny – tickets to a stand-up comedy show; ambitious – a high-mountain climb.

You must carefully plan the gift and think of the order of the gifts. Add a note stating the trait to each gift.

Additional examples of gifts and traits:

Funny: personal caricature, tickets to a stand-up comedy show

Homey: patchwork blanket

Likes to eat: restaurant, voucher for a cooking workshop

Sweet: chocolate, chocolate workshop, card made from chocolate balls, a bar of chocolate with an inscription

Adventurous: Bungee jumping, any other extreme sports activity

Beautiful: mirror, skin care set

Spoiled: massage, facial

Musical: instrument, voucher for a music class, voucher for a dance workshop

Stylish: T-shirt with imprint, a cool clothing item or accessory, jewelry, a day with a stylist

My story: “My girlfriend made me this gift for my 21st birthday. She told me she was taking me for a fun day out. We got in the car and started driving around the country and each time, she gave me a card that stated a specific trait. For instance, ‘because you like sports’ – and then we went rollerblading at a rollerblade ring. Then I got another card: ‘because you like music’ and in the envelope was a CD that I had wanted for a long time, etc.”