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Graduation Gift

Graduation Gift


Looking for an original graduation gift?

Make a personalized diploma with a dedication from you, accompanied by picture of the graduate with a graduation cap on.


How to?

1. Download the file: Graduation Diploma
2. Open the file and change the name and dedication to your own personal message. You can use humoristic phrases or mention some of your personal experiences together.
3. Print or develop a picture of the graduate with a graduation cap on. You can do this in a program, such as Photoshop, or if you want to keep it simple just print the picture and the cap separately and glue them together.
4. Glue the diploma and picture on a paper A4 and place it in a frame.
You can also add an engraved pen to the diploma.

My story:

"For my boyfriend's graduation I made him a diploma on which I wrote: 'This diploma is granted to Josh that filled with dignity all the tasks set forth by his girlfriend, and therefore earns this diploma and title – The Best Boyfriend In The World'. To the diploma I added a picture of him with a graduation cap and placed them in a wooden frame."