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I’m so lucky to have you

I’m so lucky to have you

This is a collection of gifts that shows the person you love how happy you are to have him/her in your life.

The gift can include a variety of gifts, such as a scratch card/lottery ticket, a clothing item imprinted with dollars, a lucky charm, an evil eye charm, an item representing the person’s birth sign (Scorpio, Pisces), garlic, horseshoe, crystal ball to hang in the entrance of the house, lucky bamboo.

It is very important to wrap all the gifts in a nice box to emphasize the idea of a luck-giving gift. We would love to receive photos of your gifts.

You can also give this gift to someone who is beginning something new in life, such as starting university, and on the box you can write lines such as:

“May good luck follow you”

“May God protect you”

“Good luck”

My story: “I made this gift for my girlfriend for our first anniversary. I put all the gifts in a big box and wrote in big letters “I am so lucky to have you.” Daniel