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Just the opposite type of gift

Just the opposite type of gift

Instead of trying to think of a present that’s most suitable for him, what he will like the most, what he would buy for himself – go for the opposite, buy something that definitely doesn’t suit him, something that will really surprise him! Try to think of presents that are the opposite of his personality and taste. This gift is very similar to the idea of a gift for every character trait, but here it is the complete opposite.

My story: “Every year on my girlfriend’s birthday, I stay on the safe side. I buy her what she loves the most. This year I decided to do the opposite and I got her the following present:

A pajama: “Because you always say that sleeping is a waste of time” 

A meal at an avant-garde restaurant: “Because you have such a conservative taste in food”

A box full of gummi snake: “Because a snake is the creature you hate the most”

Massage: “Because you’re always stressed and it’s time to unwind”


Additional ideas:

A piggy bank: “Because you waste money”

An item of clothing in a blinding color: “Because you always wear black”

Tickets to an amusement park/bungee: “Because you are always afraid”

Tickets to a movie: “Because you are too realistic” 

Tickets to a stand-up show: “Because a sense of humor is not your strongest trait”

A care kit (after-shave/cream/deodorant): “Because you don’t take care of yourself”

Tickets to a sing-along show: “Because you would have never passed the audition to American Idol”