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Nostalgic present

Nostalgic present

The first few weeks of a relationship are always engraved in our memory and they always make us smile and long for the days when everything was so magical and exciting. So why not go back to those days?

Below are some ideas of how to prepare a nostalgic gift that will bring back some of that magic:

  • To go to the place where you first kissed.
  • To go to the place where you had your first date.
  • To develop your first photo together, to enlarge it and frame it.
  • To watch the first movie you watched together.
  • To prepare the dish that you at together for the first time.
  • To wear the clothing that you wore on your first date.
  • To prepare a playlist with old songs that you used to love to listen to together or songs that have significance for both of you.
  • To find the first letter that you sent to each other and to give it again (it’s always touching to read what you wrote to each other in the past).
  • If in the course of your relationship, one of you changed the perfume or cream that you use, you can buy the original ones (an old, and familiar scent that you once loved can bring out many emotions).

If you are in a relationship for many years, you can buy products that remind you of a period long-forgotten:

  • IPhone cover shaped like an old-time cassette
  • Nostalgic shirts (from TV shows)
  • Candies from yesteryear, but which can still be found today
  • University nostalgia, such as foods and drinks you used to consume.
  • Other nostalgic items 

My story: “My dear husband prepared a nostalgic birthday for me. He gave me a gigantic box that was wrapped with pictures of singers and TV shows from yesteryear and on it he wrote: Love you exactly like a long time ago. In the box I found the first perfume that I used when he had just met me, a CD with songs that we loved hearing together during our courtship, a dress of mine that he liked the best and which I used to wear regularly and a card which he prepared inviting me to have dinner at the same restaurant where we ate for the first time together. He asked me to wear the dress to the restaurant and he also wore a shirt that he wore very often in the past – his old pants no longer fit him-J. On the way to the restaurant we listened to the songs on the CD and it was just an incredible birthday.” kelly