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Recipe book free template

Recipe book free template

A recipe book from all the friends and family. Every member of the family and friends receive a page in which they write their most successful recipe + a greeting + photo of themselves with the receiver of the book. You can add lots of humor and even put in some private jokes, like “Jackies’s crazy pie”.

You can download a free template for the recipe book.
All you need to do is change the text and photos and print the book in a printing shop.

Tip: We recommend leaving a few blank pages at the end of the book so the receiver can add more recipes.

My story:

“I prepared the recipe book for my father’s 58th birthday. My father has never cooked anything besides frying an omelet. However, since last year he has begun to try his skill at cooking and discovered that he really likes it. That’s why I thought that a recipe book will be really useful. I called all his friends and members of our family and asked each one to send me their most successful recipe or a dish that my father likes and that they know how to prepare. In addition, I asked them to send me a photo of themselves together with my father and a short greeting (two or three sentences). After I gathered all the materials, I prepared a colorful Power Point presentation, which you can download here. I went to an arts & crafts store and bought a spiral notebook with wooden binding and blank pages. I removed the pages and had the Power Point slides printed on the pages at a printing shop – except for the main page. The last slide in the presentation should be a template for additional recipes. I printed this page several times so that my father will be able to add his own recipes. I took the wooden binding to a designer shop and they engraved the first slide of the presentation into the wood. Take into account that it will take time to gather all the materials, because each person takes his/her time and only sends you the recipe, the greeting and photo after a number of days. You need lots of patience and you might have to nag people on the phone. But I want to tell you that it was all worthwhile! My father was so moved when he got the gift and saw all the greetings from the family and his friends. In addition, he was very glad that he could at last prepare so many of his favorite dishes.” Dona