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Seven deadly sins gift

Seven deadly sins gift

In Christianity, there are seven deadly sins a person can commit: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Make a set with gifts for each sin. 

Ideas for gifts: 

  1. Gluttony: the candy cake, cook a dinner, outing to a restaurant, cooking workshop, cake…
  2. Greed: chocolate coins, fake paper money, piggy bank…
  3. Wrath: a letter containing all the sentences that annoy him/her the most or a joke about a fight you had in the past, a stress ball…
  4. Sloth: pouffe, pajamas, linen, cushion, snuggle blanket, a tray for eating in bed (of course you can also prepare breakfast and serve it on the new tray…)
  5. Pride: frame a certificate of excellence or certificate of participation that makes him/her proud, a photo of yourself and write on it ‘the fact that you have me is your biggest source of pride’, a letter that specifies all his/her positive traits or mentioning a specific event that he/she is very proud of.
  6. Envy: T-shirt with lipstick on it, book or picture of a country he/she really wants to visit, picture of something he/she wants but can’t get…
  7. Lust: dance workshop for two, anything related to sex, such as handcuffs, sexy underwear, sex scratch card, massage oil…


Do you have additional ideas? Come on, don’t be lazy, add a comment below to help everyone find cool ideas!