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Sportive present

Sportive present

How many people find themselves surrendering to obsessive routines and the tiredness that goes with this?

And what is the easiest thing to give up if not a daily hour of physical exercise? 

This is where you come in by giving a significant gift that’s worth its weight in gold.

  1. Expensive option: A subscription to a health club or to a fitness workshop. This is appropriate if it meets your budget and if the receiver of the gift has enough time and willingness to stick to this new activity.
  2. Practical option: A home fitness kit. Buy your loved one sports equipment that he or she can use for exercising at home: wrist and ankle weights, elastic band, medicine ball, fit ball, yoga mat, jump rope, aerobic step, boxing bag, etc., according to your budget. You can find all these products in a sporting goods store.

We recommend  including a sheet of paper with YouTube links that will help him/her do the exercises.

Example of links: 

Workout with No Equipment

Workout with Weights

Workout with  fitball


On YouTube you will find additional videos.


To upgrade the present, you can add sportswear, an embroidered towel, a water canteen, calorie counter watch, pulse rate watch (for monitoring heart rate), bag, etc.