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The four elements gift

The four elements gift

A gift consisting of activities that combine the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire. A unique adventure for men.


Water: sailing on a yacht, a surfing lesson, a surfboard, kitesurfing. 

Earth: off-road drive, all-terrain vehicle trip, a trip in the dunes.

Wind: flight in a hot-air balloon, paragliding, flying a kite, skydiving.

Fire: eating at a grilled-meat restaurant, a bonfire at the beach with friends.

Make a card for every activity with a picture of the element, add a personal message, put all the cards in an envelope and give it to the lucky man.

How to keep the gift inexpensive: go for the inexpensive activities, such as flying a kite, a walk in the dunes, a massage on the beach, a bonfire on the beach.