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The six senses present

The six senses present

This present is divided into six small presents , each one symbolizes a different sense. You can go absolutely wild with ideas, depending on your budget and the time you want to invest. Even if you improvise something shortly before the event, with a bit of good intention – you can make it a bang.

Below are ideas for each sense: 

Sight: Tickets to a movie or you can rent a video and watch it together, a piece of jewelry, a photo of the two of you together, sunglasses, stylish greeting card, a walk on the beach during sunset.

Hearing: Tickets to a show, personal disc, recording a song in a studio, if you have a musical background, you can sing or play a song.

Smell: Herbal plants, perfume, air freshener for the room or the closet, air freshener for the car, a flower bouquet, a scented candle, incense, burner + oil, a trip to a place with lots of flowers (for example, a visit to a botanical garden), cooking workshop

Taste: Candy cake, a festive meal (you can reserve a table at a restaurant or prepare a meal yourself), cooking workshop, sweet beer

Touch: Massage (you can take the person for a professional massage or buy massage oil and do the massage yourself), body lotion, linen made of high-quality and soft fabric, a pampering blanket, a heated pillow, house slippers, a bubble bath together with pleasant soaps 

Sixth sense: Anything you might think of.

How to save money:
If you are a little creative, you don’t need to buy anything, you can create all the presents yourself: prepare a greeting card with a photo, burn a disc, pick flowers, cook a meal, do a massage…