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The Smurfs gift

The Smurfs gift

A set that includes several gifts, each gift is inspired by the character of one of the Smurfs. Some of the gifts are practical and some are symbolic.


Lazy Smurf: pajamas, boxers

Brainy Smurf: book/ bookmarker (you can make a bookmarker with a picture of yourself)

Hefty Smurf: a weight (a real one or fake one. You can also get a key ring with a weight).

Jokey Smurf: an empty box or a box with something jumping out of it. For a maximum effect, replicate the box of Jokey Smurf (the same colors and bow).

Lucky Smurf: a scratch card

Baker Smurf: cake/chocolates/going out to a restaurant

Vanity Smurf: anything related to care: creams/perfume/mirror/make-up/jewelry

Sloppy Smurf: soaps/towel

Harmony Smurf: a musical greeting card, tickets to a concert, CD of a favorite artist, burn a CD with songs that the receiver loves

Grandpa Smurf: a list of tips for a good life/a patchwork blanket


We recommend you wrap each gift separately and stick on it a picture of the Smurf. Put all the gifts in a big box as shown in the picture.